Evacuation Routing

Assembly Station With Text
Emergency Escape
Exit For Emergency Use Only
Exit With Running Man And Arrow Right
Escape To Sea

Fire Fighting Control Symbols

Flame Detector
Smoke Detector
Halon 1301
Fire Plan

Fire Fighting Equipment Signs

Fire Extinguisher
Foam Fire Extinguisher Identification Sign
Powder Fire Extinguisher Identification Sign
Water Fire Extinguisher Identification Sign
Fire Hose Reel

Hazard Signs

Danger Flammable Atmosphere
Danger High Voltage
Radioactive Symbol
Slippery Surface Symbol
Warning Under Maintenance

IMDG Hazmat

Hazard dia. with class no – Class 1 – Explosive Div 1.1
Hazard dia. with class no – Class 2 – Toxic Gas
Hazard dia. with class no – Class 8 – Corrosive- shaded hand
Hazard dia. with class no –Class 3 – Flammable Liquid
Hazard dia. with class no –Class 5 – Oxidizing Agent


All Visitors Must Report To The Ships Security Office
Restricted Area Authorised Persons Only
Security Notice
This Vessel Is Under CCTV Surveillance
VDR Voice Recording Is Fitted On This Bridge

Life Saving Signs

Life Jacket
Lifebuoy With Light & Smoke
Rocket Parachute Flare
Lifeboat Launching
Rescue Boat Launching
Embarkation Ladder
Davit Launched Liferaft

Mandatory Symbols

Wear Harness
Wear Respirator
Lifeboat Launching
Wear Face Shield
Rescue Boat Launching

Prohibition Signs (PSS)

Do Not Operate Symbol
Do Not Switch Off
No Access To Car Deck While Vessel Is At Sea
No Access
No Naked Lights Symbol

Safety Signs

Break Glass In Emergency
Breathing Apparatus
Lifejackets Under Seats
First Aid