Lifesaving Equipments

Life Buoy

Outer diameter 720mm
Inner diameter 440mm
Thickness 105mm
Buoyancy >14.5kg
Weight 2.5kg/4.3kg
Color Orange

Lifebuoy SI Light

Burn time ≥2h
Luminouys intensity ≥2cd
Flash frequency 50~70times/min

Life Jacket Light

Lighting time ≥8h
Luminous intensity ≥0.75cd Light
Color White

Immersion Suit

Certification Comply with solas 1974 and latest amendment
Main Material CR expanded Neoprene Composite Cloth
Size: S: 1500-1650 mm
M: 1650-1800 mm
L: 1800-1950mm
XL : 1950-2050mm


Cylinder Volume 3L
Working Duration ≥15min Air
Normal working pressure 210Bar
Weight (Full Condition) 7kg
Packing Size 590×250×175mm