Life Raft and Its Accessories

Life Raft

Capacity A Pack Capacity B Pack Diameter Length
Life raft 6 person Life raft 6 person 545 1045
Life raft 8/10 person Life raft 8/10 person 615 1090
Life raft 12/15/16 person Life raft 12/15/16 person 675 1135
Life raft 20 person Life raft 20/25/30 person 700 1285
Life raft 25/30 person Life raft 35 person 730 1440
Life raft 35 person - 745 1485


Emergency Drinking Water & Ration

  • Emergency drinking water with 3 or 5 years validity. Quantity 500 ml per packet.
  • Emergency Ration with 3 to 5 years of validity. Quantity 500 gm per packet.


Paddles made of plastic/wood for rowing in emergency situation.

FRP Repair Kit

FRP repair for repairing damaged parts of Lifeboats/Rescue boats.

First Aid Kit

First aid kits with 1 year of validity.

Anti Sea Sickness Tablet

Tablets for removing dizziness and sea sickness in voyage/emergency.

Anti-sea Sickness Bag

Bag to contain sea sickness fluids during voyage/emergency.


Short handled hatchet with fine blade.