Spare Supplies

We supply all kinds of Deck/Electrical/Engine/Sopep/Provision/Hardware/Pyrotechnique stores and spares as per IMPA/ISSA regulation.

We believe in providing the best quality of Marine Stores and Spares at the most convenient and economical rates.

General Ship Supplies

Supplies for Deck Stores, Engine Stores, Cabin Stores, Safety Stores, Provision stores etc.

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Life Raft and Its Accessories

Different Life Rafts with its Accessories such as HRU, Paddles, Repair Kit etc.

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Lifesaving Equipments

All Lifesaving Equipments such as Life Jackets, Lifebuoy with Light and smoke.

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Fire Fighting Equipment and Appliances

All Fire Fighting Equipment and Appliances such as SCBA, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Hose etc.

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Fixed Firefighting Equipment

Fixed Fire Fighting equipments which include, Fire Alarm System Control Panels, heat detectors, smoke detectors, etc.

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All appropriate Pyrotechniques equipments such as Hand flares, Parachute signal rockets, Smoke signal, etc.

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GMDSS Equipment

We Provide all GMDSS Equipment such us VHF, UHF etc from multiple Manufacturers.

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IMO Symbols

Find all IMO Symbols with or without text for every potential occasion, such as: Safety Signs, Evacuation Routing signs,etc.

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