Lifeboat/Rescue boat & Launching appliance services

Marinetech Safety & Shipping Corporation is one of the leading service providers in Indian coastal for Life Boat inspections / services. We can perform annual and five yearly inspections including 1.1 overload test of Lifeboats and Launching Appliances. These services are offered nationwide.
We have well trained engineers that have received training directly from makers to perform the below services.
  • Annual inspection of lifeboat and its launching appliances.
  • Rigid and inflatable rescue boat load and pressure test.
  • 5 yearly load testing of load testing and its launching appliances.
  • Lifeboat FRP repair and commissioning.
  • Life boat engine overhaul and installation.
  • Single arm davit winch inspection.
  • Dynamic winch break test.
  • Release hook inspection.
  • Rescue boat launch test.
  • Spares supply for lifeboat and davits.

We perform our load tests using modern water bags to load the lifeboat, as well as other specific water bags to do the load tests directly from the davits.

We are approved by the many popular manufacturers of Lifeboats and Davits such as:
  • Ningbo asia F.R.P boat manufacturing co.,ltd.
  • Jiangyin wolong F.R.P boat co., ltd.
  • Jiangyinshi beihai co., ltd.
  • Qingdao beihai shipbuilding heavy industry co., ltd.
  • Jiangsu jiaoyan marine equipment co., ltd.
  • CSSC luzhou zhenjiang marine auxiliary machinery co.,ltd.
  • Oriental precision & engineering co., ltd.
  • Vanguarde lifeboat.
  • Wuxi wenjiao gfrp factory.
  • Wuxi hai hong boat making co., ltd.
  • Wuxi dongwu marine equipment co.,ltd.
  • Narwhal inflatable craft.
  • Zhenjiang West Marine Equipment Co., ltd.
  • Zhejiang Hengxin Ship Equipment’s Co. Ltd.
  • Ningbo New Marine Lifesaving Equipment Co., Ltd.
  • Balden Marine
  • Sheyang Saifute Marine Auxillary Machinery Plant
  • Fujikura Composite Inc.
ningbo asia
jiangshi beihai
Quingdaio Beihai
jiangsu joyan
zhenjiang marine auxillary
Wuxi Wenjiao
Wuxi Hai hong
Wuxi Dongwu
Zhenjiang West
Zhejiang Hengxin Ship
Ningbo New Marine
Balden Marine
Sheyang Saifute Marine Auxillary
Fujikura Composite Inc

We are well equipped to carry out inspection of other makers as well, under vessel’s flag authorization on case to case basis.

Flag Approvals for Lifeboat

the bahamas maritime authority
republic of liberia
panama maritime authority

Class Approvals for Lifeboat

lloyd's register
korean register
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