Cargo Gear Load Testing

Marinetech Safety & Shipping Corporation maintaining a high-level of safety for the operations of cargo handling equipment is of significant importance to ship-owners and seafarers. All cargo handling equipment onboard should be inspected by trained, experienced, and responsible officers prior and after use. No equipment should be used or operated unless the certificates of tests and examinations are onboard the vessel and valid.
All Lifting Appliances and Loose Gears should be annually inspected. Cargo handling equipment should be operationally tested with their specified maximum operational load and certified by approved authorities in every five years.
We are well equipped for below services:
  • Cargo gear dynamic load testing of all kind of ship’s derricks and cranes using dynamometersor load cells and various capacity water bags.
  • Testing of all kind of ship’s loose gears, i.e. Hooks, shackles & swivels.
  • Thorough examination of all derricks, cranes & loose gears complying with all relevant rules, ilo convention and requirements of the iacs classification societies.
  • Issuing of certificates

If your equipment manufacturer is not in our approval list, Marinetech Safety can perform the service under Flag authorization and supervision of the ship´s calls society surveyor.

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